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Granny Nanny Helps Seniors with Everyday Chores (FINNISH TELEVISION)

Granny Nanny Helps Seniors with Everyday Chores (FINNISH TELEVISION)

In America there is a growing demand for new services for the elderly. Among the high-networth elderly, it is now popular to hire a “Granny Nanny ” (in Swedish called grandma guard) who can help with practical everyday tasks. We’ve met one of them who has completely focused on working for older people in the Los Angeles area.



“I saw a need that was not filled” says Cydney Kaplan about her choice to become a private business that offers various services to seniors. Today she is on the way to 84 -year-old Sally Gumbiner in Beverly Hills, whose daughters felt that their mother needed someone to make sure she performs the muscle-training exercises that she should do.


“I do not need a keeper, just someone who is with me and takes me to different places,” says Sally before she sits down next to Cydney who today also shows her computer skills.


In addition to muscle-training and computer instruction, they go grocery shopping or go to a cafe.


People are living longer and many want to stay at home for as long as is humanly possible. In the U.S., there are currently 40 million people aged 65 years and older and the demand for customized services for the elderly is growing rapidly.


Among the wealthy in Beverly Hills the extra costs of a “granny nanny” are no problem, and some are especially pleased to not have to appear around town with a nurse. Cydney Kaplan warns nevertheless that the growing industry also has attracted business people with the wrong attitude to work, and she recalls that it is important to both insured and have experience with the elderly before starting to offer their services.

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